History and the road ahead.

When I first started in webdesign I tried all the popular frameworks first and built quite a few Joomla sites. I loved all the extensions and the fact that you could do so much in a short period of time, but soon it became to bloated and I was looking for a better way of doing things. Frameworks still have their place and have improved dramatically since then, but I needed to tweak things and change layouts and styles and customize the whole user experience, so I had to learn how to code.

After some online training and following tutorials on everything I could find, I started writing my own code and later invested in a proper code editor. I loved writing my own code and the possibilities were endless. I no longer had to be content with layouts and styles I did not like, I could write my own that I did not like and then change them until I did. Later I started digging into API’s for other applications and payment gateways until I could write my own web apps. This opened the door to gaining international experience, while working with several teams around the world and writing and designing some interesting things.

During the past year or so I’ve been doing some wordpress work and really getting my hands dirty with it’s inner workings. I love the way it works and the improvements they’ve made are great. There are a wide variety of plugins available and writing your own plugins and themes are easy.

For now the road ahead means more wordpress work as I have a couple of small projects I am working on, but I am looking for another big project to apply my mind to and hopefully the next big thing might just be brewing.

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Ernest Close

I am a web designer and developer specializing in e-commerce, bookings and training websites. I love the outdoors, photography and spending time with loved ones.