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Media player with wordpress backend.

So I wanted a fast media player with a playlist and it had to be responsive. It had to be fast enough for mobile while being big enough for my tv.

My first choice was to build it with Angular js, but I had problems with the playlist so went with a javascript version instead. Video js had the perfect platform for me to build on and it was fast with nice features like full screen, volume control and seek bar. I added a dynamic playlist with continues play, search filters and displaying of the poster and title in the playlist while highlighting the active track.

At first I loaded the playlist from a json file, but then decided to build a wordpress backend that could be used to add tracks to the playlist and create new playlists. Currently the wordpress backend, which is now also a frontend and administration panel (for lack of a better word) has e-commerce and membeship levels with members being able to upload their tracks and videos to their own directories all within wordpress. All media can be viewed or listend to and downloaded from the wordpress site while tracks can be sold in the e-commerce store. All tracks uploaded through wordpress are then dynamically displayed in the media player where (for now) it can be filtered by audio, video, latest, all media or artist. I have added another fantastic feature where you can create your own playlist from all the available media by simply selecting the tracks from a list. After selecting the tracks that you want to play, a new playlist is created and will play till the end.

All in all I now have a fast media player with dynamic playlists and a very extensive backend. It still is a work in progress so more features will be added and quite a bit of style, but it is working beautifully. I will post a link as soon as I’m done. ¬†Now all I need is a domain and a server to handle all the uploads.

Here is the link:

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