Meteor js! Now the web just got that much better.

I’ve done the usual javascript features and affects, I’ve even written an Angular js app, but finding Meteor was the tipping point. Meteor is everything I always thought the web should be and it is addictive. I started reading everything I could find on Meteor about a month ago and I’m still reading, learning and coding every single chance I get.

I did the usual tutorials provided and then started with my first Meteor webapp. Just a simple app with user roles and user profiles, with the ability for users to edit their profiles and for the admin to change each users roles. The best way to learn and gain experience is to write something and not take shortcuts when you get stuck. If you decided that this is the way you want it to function then stick to it. When you get stuck, find a solution that will still give you the same functionality, don’t change the functionality just to make it easier. I got stuck on many occasions and thought “if only this was php and mySql, I’d know what to do”, but it took time to learn php and mySql and it will take time to learn Meteor and javascript.

I had a couple of ideas for apps that I need to write and Meteor is the perfect solution for it. I realized that I would often need roles and accounts based apps even if it was just an admin / user base, so I created one with all the features needed and that is easy to adapt. I used gravatar for user avatars with the fallback of displaying the users initials if he does not have a gravatar. I made it easy to change the registration form, so more fields can be added depending on the apps needs. Gave every user the ability to change their own profile and gave admin the ability to change roles for each user. The admin user is created when the app starts for the first time and users are added to a user role when they register. I used bootstrap for the layout and left it on the default style to make it easy to change when integrating it with another app.

My first functional app is now well on it’s way and I could concentrate on the apps functionality thanks to the user app that I copied and used as a starting point. The learning experience is great and the more I use Meteor the more I want to use it. Maybe I will do a new site for myStudio using Meteor when I have time again. It could be a nice way to start 2016.

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