New material twentyfifteen child theme for myStudio

MyStudio was redesigned for WordPress using the Twentyfifteen theme and Google material design principals.

When I decided to redesign myStudio using WordPress, I wanted to use Google’s material design principals as well. Initially I went with a popular material design frontend framework and wrote my own template, but when I converted my template to a WordPress theme, the css styles from the framework clashed with those of WordPress. Since my design was similar to that of Twentyfifteen, with regard to the left hand navigation bar, I decided to do a Twentyfifteen child theme and write the material styles myself.

This task proved to be a bit harder than what I initially thought it would be, but the whole process has taught me a whole lot about child themes. In many cases I needed a class where there were none and I did not want to use jQuery to simply add them so I had to dig deep into the WordPress codex to find the correct way of doing things since WordPress 4.1. Once all my classes were in place I could then use jQuery to add the effects and css to style them. I always used the default classes when available and css to style while relying only on jQuery when absolutely necessary.

I love the way material design handles navigation and forms, so spent most of my time implementing that while adding some other subtle styles to the other elements. ┬áContact Form 7, a popular WordPress plugin, was used for the contact page and then styled to match the other forms on the site. Styling the contact form was very easy and shows why this plugin is so popular, but if I ever want to distribute this child theme I’ll have to write my own template for a contact form as these styles are written for this specific installation and will not carry through to other forms.

All in all I think it was a successful project and I like the way it turned out. It will still evolve for some time to come, at least until the next new technology or trend takes my interest.

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