Shopping in-store and online

Shopping both in-store and online now just as easy in South Africa as elsewhere, using a single application and a few smart devices.

This is very exciting news, because running both store and online store meant using different types of software and maintaining two setts of everything. Inventory, prices and discounts had to be manually updated on both systems unless you could afford a developer to write custom integration for your systems. Getting store owners to part with there extremely expensive licensed software in exchange for just as expensive online applications was a feat in itself, because that too needed custom integration with South African payment gateways and shipping providers at additional cost.

Now all of this can be achieved with a small investment and it can be achieved beautifully. Your in-store and online store can share the same application, your sales reports are always up-to-date and at your fingertips. Inventory always reflect the true state of affairs while prices and discounts are all setup and maintained from a single application.

Payment options are just as plentiful, giving your customer any number of ways to purchase from your store. You can even take your store with you where ever you go and still accept credit cards, debit cards or mobile payments. This makes it a great time for setting up shop and start selling.

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Ernest Close

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