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I’ve been quite busy with WP memberships lately and gained valuable experience in setting it all up. I used both a free and premium plugin and the possibilities with both are mind blowing. I have used memberships with e-commerce before, but this time it was to protect content and videos from being viewed by all.

Membership sites are an excellent way to monetize web-based and video tutorial sites. You can have multiple levels of memberships, both free and paid while paid memberships can be once off or monthly subscriptions. Add drip content to entice learners or would be subscribers and release content on a predefined schedule to keep content fresh and learners interested.

Content can be protected by page/post, category or file and even remote file. Even sections of a page/post or images on a page/post can be protected from being viewed by anyone without permission. It is also possible to setup your site with pay per page/post, which makes it possible to charge customers for viewing a video or listening to an audio file.

There are many membership plugins available and each one has its own unique set of features, you just have to find the right one for your needs and if you want to monetize, the one integrated with the right payment gateway.



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